Wedding Planner

Our project is to create a wedding tailored to you, we will cure every aspect of your special day starting with an analysis of your desires and needs.

The skills and the structure of Farmhouse Torre Flavia allows us to design the day of your wedding to 360 ° saving you time and money.

Your task is to dream, our to achieve!

Location & Custom Menù

The spacious and airy terraces furnished with complements of first choice will be perfect to accommodate your wedding reception in which your guests will feel right at home.

Flowers & Arrangements

You have the choice of flowers, to us the realization of your floral design that together with the elegance and sophistication of our equipment will create the atmosphere dream you've always wanted.

Photo service

Make capture every magical moment of your marriage by our professional photographers, through creative and spontaneous shots you can store indelible emotions over time.

Rent your own Car

We will accompany you in making the original tradition of using a particular car for your wedding by choosing a car that will make unique your "Big Day".

Civil rites

Our farm has been designated to host a civil ceremony, married in the countryside of our location or in front of our swimming pool!